The Good Chat Foundation is a youth mental health charity committed to delivering sporting programs to disadvantaged youth to improve their mental health. As part of our mission to engage with the community, we are looking to run more local events to raise awareness for the Good Chat.


Title/position: Events Manager


  • Develop an events calendar with a minimum of 1 event per quarter

  • Communicate with sponsors, donors and venues

  • Manage volunteers and staff during the running of an event

  • Ensure events are developed to engage with the community and/or raise awareness for mental health


Time commitment: At least six months, 1.5 - 3 hours per week.


Volunteers choose their time to carry out their duties. An office space is available in Osborne Park, if required to carry out your duties.


Good Chat volunteers will receive a fuel allowance for any work that needs to be carried out, outside of their standard area of work. 

How to apply/contact information: To apply for this position, please email Kelly Bergsma (CEO) via and attach a cover letter & resume. 

Interviews will commence from the 8th of June.