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Seeking help is more than okay

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Seeking help for mental health conditions or concerns is daunting. We've created this page to get you started with some of the publicly available services.

You might not feel that bad, but you'd love to talk to someone about the thoughts you don't like having.

You might be in a real crisis and need someone right now.

You might have tried popular services who didn't seem to understand your unique challenges.




Culturally Appropriate

Moorditj Yarning


Multicultural Futures       
08 9336 8282  or via TIS Interpreter service 13 14 50



Financial Concerns

Financial Counselling Australia

National Debt Helpline 1800 007 007

We at The Good Chat Foundation see ourselves as connectors, as such we've built this page to explain some of the amazing services we have come across and how they might be able to help you. 

Feel free to suggest others and give us your feedback on any that you use. 

When we discuss mental health and suicide, sometimes we can reflect back on past experiences and being to worry that we didn’t provide the best kind of help or support or wish we had of said or done things differently. If this comes up for you while you are on our website or at any time - please remember to give yourself a break!


If anything comes up for you or begins to worry you, please contact someone to talk about it and process how you are feeling. This page comes some examples of services you might like to use, but there are many more you might know of.

For a full list, please visit:

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